Bob was recommended to me by a friend as “the guy you want to deal with” when it comes to the IRS. This was 2013 (ish). Since then he has provided me with professional tax return service – year after year.

In 2018, with Bob’s giudance, I was able to get back $1800 the IRS said “I owed” (I didnt – but when its you against the IRS??? Good luck if you’re own your own…) During this process Bob was mailing me the proper forms I needed to properly demonstrate I did not legally “owe” this money. It was ‘ping pong’ with me and the IRS, letter after letter, until the refund.

Finally, this year (2023,) I tried a local accountant to process my business return (don’t ask me why) I got a new expirence. Non-returned phone calls, massive delayed or blown-off emails and taxes that took him 3 months to complete!!! I ended up “running” to the post office on the deadline day looking to a postmark he took so long!!


Bobs service is stellar. He answers the phone, returns email and on top of this knows what he’s doing! He’s my people.

– Scott, Concord NH

Bob was great to work with. Dealing with the IRS is very stressful, but Bob helped me out every step of the way. I would happily use Bob again if I ever had to deal with the IRS again.

– David G.

Bob Hamel guided and assisted my wife and I through a challenging IRS process. In my wife’s words he deserves 6 stars out of 5 for a rating. His guidance working through the IRS was key. This was especially true during the COVID timeframe where IRS staff were working remote and timelines were much longer.

We should also stress that his guidance proved to be correct and saved us time and provided us with confidence in the process.

We highly recommend Bob H.

– Joe R.

I want to thank Robert Hamel for his time and expertise on my tax situation, he has been so helpful and Thanks to Robert my tax situation is cleared . I have been to other tax consultants for the same issue they took my money for service and I still had issues, thats when I decided to find a tax agent locally. Robert Hamel is true to his word and in my experience is the best !!!

– Gail B.

When I contacted Bob, the IRS was getting ready to make my life miserable. After years of not filing my taxes and ignoring my debt. I was in trouble. Bob got them to stop collection efforts and filed a offer in compromise on my behalf. It took a couple of years to get through the process. They accepted the offer and it changed my life. It feels like this weight has been lifted off my chest. Bob did a fantastic job of negotiating with the IRS. He stayed in touch and kept informed through out. I now have a fresh start. Thanks Bob!!

– Wayne W.

I was audited in 2009 and the result was devastating. Having lived in a¬†financial straight jacket for 7 years due to overwhelming back owed tax, interest and penalties, I still never lost hope that someday it would end and it did when I finally found Robert Hamel. It took some time to process an Offer In Compromise, but in the end Bob was able to settle for a reasonable amount that I could pay back. My wife and I have since been relieved of the greatest financial problem of our lives. We are now able to plan for the future, make cost saving decisions and save money again where as before we could not due to IRS liens … and now, I have¬†great confidence that future tax preparation will be handled properly, bringing me great peace of mind.

Bob is a steady hand and does excellent work that produces results. If you have an IRS problem, see Robert Hamel. He got the job done for us when (quite literally) NOBODY else could.

– D. Clegg, Rochester, NH

About a year ago I hired Robert Hamel to help me with a few tax issues. The primary one was related to my previous hire of one of these “national firms” that promise the world but do not produce. Bob took the time and helped me understand my “real” options, and from day one I wished I had gone to Bob in the first place. He not only took a lot of stress out of my life but helped me proactively deal with my previous provider to get some of the money back they had wrongly charged me. He really cares, and it is easy to see.

In fact, I have dealt with many service providers over the years, and I can say without reservation that he is one of the finest that I have ever engaged with; do yourself a favor and hire Robert Hamel!

– Frank Brown, Manchester, NH

Robert Hamel has been filing our taxes for seven years. He was able to get an Offer of Compromise for taxes owed for 2008, 2009 and 2010 which had amounted to over $21,000. My husband is disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and we knew we would never be able to pay the IRS for what we owed. The IRS accepted Mr. Hamel’s offer of less than $550!!! I am so happy to have found Bob Hamel several years ago. He helped us get out from under IRS tax liens and we owe nothing to the IRS now. This man is fantastic, knowledgeable and very understanding of his clients’ needs. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for us.

– Terry & Gary S, Hope Valley, R.I.

Mr. Hamel is the best of the best! He filed our taxes for several years and has gotten us out of a messy situation with the IRS. If you are looking for a competent, experienced and knowledgeable tax adviser, do not hesitate to call Bob Hamel. We recommend him highly. He goes above and beyond for his clients.

– Teresa S.

Mr. Hamel has been handling my tax returns and other tax issues I’ve had over the years with excellent results. He is very knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend his work.

– F. Stevens

Bob is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was persistent for us and helped to significantly reduce what the IRS wanted to have us pay for our monthly installment agreement payments.

– J. Rheault

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